Why sponsor an Insurance Network Meeting? This is a great opportunity to be in front of your physician customers as well as obtain new physician customers.

I am the physician liaison working with all medical practices coordinating “Insurance Network Meetings”  and other various meetings. Guests who attend these meetings are Physicians, Practice Administrators, Billing Managers, Billers, Coders and Office Staff.

Insurance Network Meetings are scheduled throughout the state of Virginia and West Virginia.

Representatives are from Medicare, Anthem, CIGNA, VHN, Aetna, Health Net Federal, Southern Health, US Healthcare, Medicaid, Sentara and many more participate in the Insurance Network Workshops.

Our attendees are normally over 100 attendees.

We invite you to take this opportunity to be a sponsor for our upcoming scheduled events. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet potential customers. A door prize from your company (which would be accompanied by the appropriate fanfare!) would be welcome.

Debbie Clark, CEO, MD Liaison Services Inc.

I Want to be a Sponsor!

Please call Debbie Clark at (757) 238-9188 to talk about how your company can benefit from being a Sponsor.

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