Deb                                     Debbie Clark, Founder & CEO MD Liaison Services Inc.

Debbie Clark is a team-oriented business professional with a successful track record in developing medical staff liaison services in hospitals and medical practice settings. Debbie is recognized for her skills in assisting practices in developing and implementing operational processes.

Debbie’s previous work accomplishments were recognized when working with Bon Secours, as Senior Physician Liaison. She worked with managers to develop operational processes to meet the expectations of their customers and attract new customers.

Prior to working with Bon Secours, she developed employer educational packets focusing on preventative healthcare, pre-employment physicals and urine drug testing for urgent care centers. Debbie, as the Director of Operations and Marketing, implemented processes to establish customer relationships and maintain customer retention.

Debbie established MD Liaison Services, Inc. in 2002.

Debbie Cell: 757-880-7344


Debbie’s Bio Card


Greg                                        Greg Owens, Office Manager & Liaison Services

Greg has lived in Hampton, Virginia for over 30 years. He trained as Emergency Medical Technician. Greg likes educating office staff on specialist services and encouraging staff to refer patients to clients represented by MD Liaison Services.

Greg cell: 757-771-6973


Tina                                                        Tina Ozmer, Event Coordinator

Tina has been working with MD Liaison Services for over 14 years.

MD Liaison Services hosts various educational meetings in the State of Virginia. For these meetings, Tina tracks all registrations, makes packets for meetings and works the registration table.  Tina likes working with people in this capacity. She enjoys meeting all kinds of people and seeing them year after year. Tina likes the interaction and doing everything she can to make sure that the meetings are successful for everyone involved.

Tina office: 757-238-9188