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MD LIAISON SERVICES, INC. is committed to fostering strong connections among healthcare professionals, enabling them to deliver exceptional patient care through reliable networks. Our extensive range of services caters to all physicians, optometrists, dentists, audiologists, psychologists, surgeons, chiropractic physicians, and other medical specialists in Virginia.

At MD LIAISON SERVICES, we specialize in supporting independent doctors who aspire to maintain their autonomy. With our proven strategies, we can help these doctors stay at the forefront of referring physician practices and their staff. Since our establishment in 2002, we have witnessed remarkable growth in patient volume and revenue for independent practices. Let us assist you in achieving your practice goals.

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Our comprehensive service offerings include Educational Meetings for AAPC & PMI as well as Insurance Network and Coding Meetings. If scheduling conflicts arise and attending a meeting becomes challenging, no worries. Simply access the Events section in the Menu bar at the top of our website and select Educational Meetings from the dropdown menu. You can then reach out to Debbie or Greg to schedule your preferred meetings. Rest assured, all the meetings we organize are AAPC & PMI approved.

At MD LIAISON SERVICES, we are proud to have a dedicated team of business professionals who possess an impressive track record in developing medical staff liaison services within hospitals and medical practice settings. Our team is equipped to collaborate with you, finding answers to your questions, resolving issues, and providing the extra support you require.

Choose MD LIAISON SERVICES and experience the difference of personalized, expert assistance for your medical practice.

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